Activities in Parallel

The Avinguda Parallel, also called the little Broadway Avenue and Avenue of the Theatres, as you can find many theatres and some clubs where to attend a play, a concert or party all night long, is one of the main arteries of the city. Officially opened in 1894, it is a big multicultural avenue where you find great entertainment, cultural and gastronomical offers for its citizens and Barcelona’s visitors. And the best part is that you won’t have to walk very far from our beautiful boutique hotel since we’re conveniently located in its avenue’s heart.

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Roberta’s Favourite Places in Barcelona

This month, our collaborator at our guesthouse on Parallel, Roberta is sharing her favorite places in the city.

Barcelona is the perfect getaway in Europe: it is an amazing city full of people and events. There are different attractions and there is always something for everyone!

You can choose this city if you need two-day break from your work, if you want to go with your friend to have parties, if you’re travelling on your own or if you are on a business trip. It is the perfect place where you can lose yourself walking through the Old Quarters, while admiring the beautiful architecture.

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Fiestas de La Mercè 2019: Main Highlights of Barcelona’s Celebration

Few events generate universal excitement like the Fiestas de La Mercè. And with good reason, because it is arguably the greatest festival in Barcelona. The festival takes place every year starting September 24th, the feast of Our Lady of Mercy. It is only 4 days long, but the intensity of those days is unmatched. A calendar packed with over 500 events is the best proof that the Fiestas de La Mercè is not just another festival. At our design hotel in central Barcelona we offer comfortable, convenient lodging situated in the theater district so you can enjoy the festival in maximum comfort.

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Barcelona cultural: discover Parallel or the avenue of theatres


The Avenida Parallel is to Barcelona what Broadway is to New York. This mythical avenue of the city of Barcelona is a frenzy of art and culture, a huge artery where the most emblematic theatres are located. It is an avenue full of charm, whether you just want to walk through it, or if you want to attend a good show. Our boutique hotel on Parallel is conveniently located one step away from the most mythical theatres of Barcelona, so you have no excuse not to be impregnated by the bustling and vibrant atmosphere that surrounds them at sundown.

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