El Gato De Botero

El Gato de Botero or Botero’s cat is one of the tourists’ favorite locations to visit when they are in Barcelona, Spain. The metal cat sculpture is so popular and iconic that everyone who visits Barcelona should visit the beautiful piece of art. The Botero’s cat sculpture has somewhat become a symbol of Barcelona.

Many tourists’ first thought that comes to their mind when they think of Barcelona is the Botero’s cat. Such a memorable and unique piece of art is quite unforgettable.

The sculpture was bought by the Barcelona city council back in 1987. The cat’s location was not always in Raval. The cat sculpture was first kept in the Parc de la Ciutadella. At that time, it was interesting because an animal zoo was also nearby the sculpture.

After a few more migrations from the Olympic stadium to the little square behind Barcelona’s medieval shipyards, El Gato de Botero was finally moved to its permanent location of Rambla del Raval. Since 2003, the cat has remained in that place, unmoved.

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Fernando Botero:

As told earlier, El Gato de Botero is a huge metal sculpture of a cat; made by the Colombian famous artist Fernando Botero. Fernando Botero has made various similar art pieces throughout his life. His paintings and sculptures are all considered iconic.

Fernando Botero has made many other sculptures in a very similar style to the Cat sculpture. In Barcelona, there is another famous Fernando Botero sculpture. This sculpture is of a horse named Caballo. You can spot the Caballo sculpture quite easily when you arrive at the Barcelona El Prat airport.

Fernando Botero’s art pieces attract people from all over Barcelona, whether they are in our boutique hotel in Barcelona’s centre or if they are nowhere near the sculpture.

Some of Botero’s other famous artworks include the Big Bird sculpture in Singapore and the Mujer Reclinada sculpture in Puerto Rico.

The cat sculpture is located in the neighborhood of Raval. Visiting the sculpture would be even easier if you book our design hotel in Parralel Barcelona. This way you could travel much quicker and the most popular tourist places would all be nearby.

Our hotel close to the Raval in Barcelona make it much easier for people to tour the most popular tourism locations. We hope you have fun visiting the El Gato de Botero sculpture.

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