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Feel like grabbing a drink?

When wanting to go to good bars, the lively quarter of Poble Sec is the place to be. At our Boutique Hotel Casa Vaganto we are lucky to be placed in the trendiest neighbourhood of the city. Whether you are searching for a bar to have a quick drink, have a bite at a restaurant, appreciate some live music, or just have a pause from wandering around the surroundings of Barcelona, you have come to this neighbourhood. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about the most popular Poble Sec bars.

The Top 8 Must-Try Poble Sec Bars

Gran Bodega Saltó

Gran Bodega Saltó is a great place to go if you like live music. Every Thursday and Sunday, a live artist is performing to entertain you while having a good time. The bar itself is a small and bustling place. You will never be bored here, since there are decorations all over the walls to look at. The popular wines are known throughout the area and are one of the reasons people go to the bar. A last great thing about the bar is that it has a partnership with Cultmusic Cultural Association to collect olive oil to give to people who need it most in the neighbourhood.


  • Price range: $
  • Must-try: The Excellent Vermouth Wine
  • Address: Carrer de Blesa, 36, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:  Wednesday and Thursday: 6 PM – 1 AM;   Friday: 6 PM – 3 AM;
                                Saturday: 12 PM – 3 AM;  Sunday: 12 PM – 12 AM; Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Gran Bodega Salto Bar Poble Sec, Barcelona


Psycho Bar

Bar Psycho is the bar of rock bands. It´s location is ideal – being close to the Apollo concert venue – so it’s even possible to have drinks before or after a show. Behaving just like a real rock band, you can get Psycho merchandise at the bar, and the place is filled with pictures of rock stars and -bands. When liking a grunge setting, this place is everything you are looking for and more. 


  • Price range: $
  • Must-try: The well-executed cocktails and some of their beer collection
  • Address: Carrer de Piquer, 27, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:   Tuesday – Thursday: 9 PM – 2.30 AM;   Friday – Saturday: 9 PM – 3 AM
                                   Closed on Sunday and Monday

Bar Psycho in Blue Light, Rock bands and starts on the Wall, Bar with Barstools, Grunge Sphere.


Bar Rufián

The Nordic design of Bar Rufian is great for lovers of minimalistic and vintage styles. On the weekends, be there on time because the place will be overflowing! The place offers a simple but great quality cuisine in a cosy and fun setting. The unique space with high ceilings attracts a good crowd.


  • Price range: $
  • Must-try: Craft beers, homemade hamburgers and vegan sandwiches
  • Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 123, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:    Thursday: 1 PM – 12 AM;   Friday – Saturday: 1 PM – 1 AM;
                                    Sunday: 1 PM – 11.30 PM;  Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Bar Rufian in Vintage Minimalist style, Nordic aesthetic, High Ceilings.


La Federica Bar

Just out of sight, a beautiful vintage bar can be found, called Federica. It is a lovely bar with a great ambiance that is radiating a cool vibe all throughout the venue. From the murals, cash register, barstools, and even the light are all in a 70´s style. The wine- and cocktail list is extensive and excellent, ranking well both on price and quality. The cuisine is mostly Italian specialties combined with Argentine. This is the place to go for a unique experience, when wanting to go back to the good old days with a twist. 


  • Price range: $
  • Must-try: Homemade cakes, great tapas, and the bloody mary.
  • Address: Carrer de Salvà, 3, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:       Sunday and Wednesday: 7 PM – 1 AM;    Thursday: 7 PM – 2 AM;
                                      Friday: 7 PM – 3 AM;   Saturday: 7 PM – 1 AM;  Closed on Monday and Tuesday 

La Federica Bar Poble Sec, Barcelona


Tribal Cafe

The Tribal Cafe is a bar for everyone who likes mysterious- and theatrical spheres. The walls are decorated with handmade puppets, heavy curtains, and dimmed lights. They are famous for making the most excellent cocktails – under which killer mojitos and caipirinhas – in Poble Sec. Lastly, they serve the most delicious tapas.


  • Price range: $
  • Must-try: The great and well-crafted cocktails, and the tapas
  • Address: Carrer de Blai, 29, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 7 PM – 1 AM;  Friday and Saturday: 7 PM – 2.30 AM

Tribal Cafe Poble Sec, Barcelona


Tinta Roja Espai d´Art

Tinta Roja was formerly a dairy, with cows in the courtyard, where milk was being sold to neighbours. Today, it is a cafe with a great ambiance and a number of specialty drinks. You can drink while watching shows of theatre, circus, and flamenco. The name ¨Red Ink¨ comes from the name of the tango from Catulo Castillo and Sebastian Piana, which is also danced here. Being a former cow shed, the courtyard now resembles the inside of a theatre: the ideal space for enjoying entertainment.


  • Price range: $$
  • Must-try: Caña Legui and Tinta Roja cocktail
  • Address: Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 17, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:  Thursday: 7 PM – 1 AM;  Friday and Saturday: 8 PM – 1 AM
                                 Sunday: 5.30 PM – 11 PM;  Closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 

Tinta Roja Espai D´Art Bar Poble Sec


Mau Mau Bar

Mau Mau is popular with creative people from El Poble Sec. It is a warehouse space being transformed into a beautiful spot to eat or have a drink. The interior is in a modern, Scandinavian, minimalist style with accents of white and wood. There are short films being played every Thursday.


  • Price range: $$
  • Must-try: The extensive options of gin and vodka.
  • Address: Carrer d’En Fontrodona, 35, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:  Thursday- Saturday 9 PM – 2.30 AM
                                 Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday

Mau Mau Bar Poble Sec, Barcelona


Bar Seco

Bar Seco is only 5 minutes from the bustling centre of Poble Sec. There is a good sphere: plants are hanging from the ceiling, the wooden furniture, good music, and much more. You can have all kinds of meals, such as breakfast, lunch, have a coffee, and dinner as well. Bar Seco uses local and sustainable products to prepare food, and the menu is short but more than satisfactory.


  • Price range: $$
  • Must-try: Great croissants, vegan roast vegetable dish, dim sum, and patatas bravas.
  • Address: Passeig de Montjuïc, 74, 08004 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:   Monday – Thursday 1 PM – 5 PM;  Friday – Sunday 1 PM – 8 PM

Trendy and modern interior of Bar Seco where you can see the chefs prepare your meal.


We hope you’re thirsty and enjoy your Barcelona night experience the vicinity of our boutique hotel, in the most interesting neighborhoods of Barcelona that you shouldn’t miss visiting! 

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