Halloween in Barcelona

If you can spend your Halloween in the wonderful city of Barcelona, in Spain; then, you should know that it may become your most memorable Halloween.

In Barcelona, there is a local festival called La Castanyada. This event is celebrated on 31st October, the same day as Halloween. Therefore, you may not get to enjoy the typical Halloween party, but we must tell you that this event is going to be remarkable.

Just like Halloween, La Castanyada has originated from the rites carried out before Day of the Dead (All Saints’ Day). You will find your favorite food at the time of All Saints Day in Barcelona, Castanyes and Panellets. Castanyes are roasted chestnuts, and panellets are typical traditional sweets, made mainly of marzipan (a paste made of almonds and sugar); the most popular ones are the panellets covered with pine nuts.


You will see many vendors selling these Castanyes days before and on the day of Castanyada from the start of October. As the weather starts to cool, these chestnuts are roasted on charcoal grills to be served hot and warm you up. The panellets you will find at all the bakeries and patisseries.

You may expect a crowded festival but that’s not the case; people usually visit cemeteries to remember the loss on All Saints’ Day, followed by a quiet day at home with family. Then, most of the people cook up a feast for themselves and their families.

These days the street gets full of vendors, and there is a presence of vibrancy which is so typical of Barcelona. However, you may want to experience the Halloween customs and spend your Halloween just as you would at home. Therefore, you can go to La Posada Maldita, where you will get a scary meal along with a fun-filled night to experience a wicked theme for Halloween. You may as well watch a scary movie or attend the many costume parties that happen to be in town!

After going through the Halloween or La Castanyada (whichever it is for you), you may want to relax and release your fatigue. There is no better way to do this than staying at our Casa Vaganto.

From Vaganto team we wish you a safe spooky trip!

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