A Visit To San Juan Barcelona

If you are going on tour to Europe and intend to travel to Spain, your itinerary must include a visit to Barcelona due to its magnificent art, history, and architecture. As a matter of fact, considerable emphasis is put on the summer solstice in Catalunya. The summer solstice referred to the most short-lived night of the year and is observed as a public holiday. You would never miss the feast of San Juan during this shortest night while touring Barcelona.

The celebration starts on 23 June in respect of the feast of Sant Juan. This holiday is renowned due to a great deal of excitement and charged atmosphere. You will be enjoying a lot of illuminations on the streets and unstoppable cracking fireworks. Having arrived in the city, you better choose to stay at our central boutique hotel in Barcelona famous for high-quality facilities and centrally located to many attractions.

You should be aware of the three symbols in respect of the Sant Juan, including water, herbs, and fire. During your trip, you would come across certain activities and celebrations with regard to these three symbols. The water indicates healing, amelioration, and betterment. The people of Catalunya have a strong belief in these symbols; therefore, they take bathe in this night in various places, especially the sea beaches.

The herbs manifest a sign of remedy. People in Barcelona profess that this festive night in respect of Sant Juan enhances their remedies to a greater extent. In this connection, you would find a lot of people celebrating this ritual in every nook and corner of the city. The other symbol of the fire alludes to purity, and everywhere you would witness a massive number of fireworks.

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Having experienced the rudimentary things and gaining helpful insight, you can take a rest for a while at our guesthouse in Barcelona centre, known for its best high tea; after getting reinvigorate, you should resume and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere awash with glaring fireworks. Moreover, you would come across a distinct thing at a bonfire, especially on the beaches where people attempt to jump these bonfires. In fact, their tradition suggests that such act of a jump over the bonfire would grant your wish. If you feel good, it is better to try to get yourself carried away by this magic.

The beach would be a good choice for you to go and have a good picnic. You will also find some fireworks display in addition to beautiful music playing at the local beach bars. A few famous music groups and drummers meet there to make the beach’s environment exhilarated during the evening events.

If you feel somewhat fatigued and want a change, there is our boutique hotel on Parallel quite near to this place. You can respite for some time and then proceed to continue your excursion. You can find some squares nearby every local plaza showcasing excited fireworks wearing a special type of costume. In this respect, you should go to plaza De Barcelona where plenty of activities take place. It involves a man dressed in a devil costume and a few in different outfits. There you would find several groups running to the middle of the square carrying massive fireworks in their hands. Indeed, it would be a very Rousing experience.

After having had a wonderful experience of plaza De Barcelona, you should explore the official and traditional food. In respect of Sant Juan. You can find this official food known as the “coque” near our boutique hotel in Poble Sec where your stay would provide you a host of upscale facilities as well. As you step out of the hotel, you would see many bakery windows all around. There are numerous types of the “coque” available, both savory and sweet. There is no denying that your tour to Barcelona, especially during the Sant Juan would make you cheering and invigorating. You would leave Barcelona with indelible memories.

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