A Visit To Barcelona On The International Museum Day

If you are making a plan to tour Spain, don’t miss out on the International Museum Day in Barcelona. Your tour itinerary must include the thrilling and zestful expedition of the city of Barcelona. It is full of history, tradition, culture, attractions, and wonderful museums.

As soon as you get to Barcelona, you can stay at our guesthouse in Barcelona centre due to its proximity to the renowned museums and other historical sites. It provides quite a comfortable environment awash with upscale amenities. The Museu Picasso is situated in the Born, and it gets ready and opens the door on the occasion of international museum Day, celebrated on May 18th.

This international museum event is orchestrated every year by the international council of museums (ICOM). Before starting the Museu Picasso, you can get your booking on the Museu Picasso website, especially for this special museum day. In fact, this occasion of the international day in respect of museums is celebrated with a view to letting the people realize the significance of museums and the evolution of society.

You can visit and experience a host of activities there, taking place even a few days earlier than the scheduled date. Furthermore, you can also avail free admission on its most fascinating events called open day in addition to the night of the Museums. I am quite sure. You will have a bundle of fun and an opportunity to explore the history, culture, tradition, art, science, and many more about different segments of society.

As soon as you get to the Museu Picasso, you would find a large-scale assemblage of 20th-century artworks. Pablo Picasso, a Spanish Artist, contributed exceptionally to painting, theater designing, printmaking, and sculpture work as one of the most prominent Artists. You would witness his famous artwork like Guernica, proto-cubist less Demoiselles d’Avignon, the German bombing of Guernica, and Italy’s air forces during Spain’s civil war. If you end up having a busy day out at the Museu Picasso you can rest at our boutique hotel close to Ciutat Vella.

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Having taken some respite, you can proceed again to the Museu Picasso. While en route, you can see a few prestigious streets of the city, especially Montcade street, home to the bark’s nobility and the Gothic eras. If you like Architecture, you would find awesome manifestations thereof at the Museu Picasso that possesses five massive excellent places. The building of the museum has followed the Gothic civil style and was built in a similar manner. This visit would provide you a thorough insight into various artworks.

On the International Museum Day occasions, you will have ample opportunities to visit many other renowned attractions and museums in Barcelona, such as Miro Foundation, Tapies Foundation, MACBA, MNAC. Staying at our design hotel on Parallel allows you to access these famous museums very easily. Your next visit should be Fundació Joan Miró, where you would find a host of cultural exhibitions. You can also enjoy the bar-restaurant on its terrace.

The other prominent place is the Antoni Tapies Foundation, created in 1984, containing artwork of Tapies’ career. There is a wonderful library specialized in Asian and contemporary art located on the premises of this museum. Moreover, you can also attend a few exhibitions showcasing various artistic genres. Besides, there is a symbol of the International Exhibition. In the form of the MNAC (the Museu National d’art Catalunya), you would definitely enjoy this place because it is located on the Montjuic, a mountain adjacent to a trade fair and Plaza Espanya.

Thus, your visit would become all-encompassing with a lot of things. Before entering the museum, you can go to the mountains and enjoy the city’s spectacular scenery. Thereafter, you can spend sufficient time at the MNAC and discover the history in respect of Catalan art in addition to painting, drawing posters, sculpture, and world-class photography.

Having visited these outstanding places, you can rest at our boutique hotel by Plaza España. This hotel would also help you get to CaixaForum and CCCCB (Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), Barcelona’s preeminent cultural centers. You can witness a large number of activities and exhibitions there.

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