Mercat Santa Caterina in Barcelona

If you are making a plan to tour Spain, never miss visiting the Mercat Santa Caterina and its neighborhood. If you are at the Barcelona Cathedral, you can view a brightly colored and oscillated roof, fascinating like insects to striking and beautiful flowers. This is the Mercat Santa Caterina, a food market. You would find a manifestation of a vibrant and treasure trove in the form of distinct stalls and magnificent buildings there.

As soon as you arrive in Barcelona, you can begin with your comfortable stay at our hotel Casa Vaganto. This hotel is located quite nearer to various attractions, especially Mercat Santa Caterina.

This old food market was refurbished by the architecture of Benedetta Tagliabue and Enric Miralles. This old market divulges glittering, glimmering, and shinning colored roofs worthwhile to view from the air. You will see this colorful roof connected to the building by the wooden structure.

Besides, there is a big mosaic of various colored ceramic pieces showcasing vegetables and fruits. This style of a wooden structure with ceramics pieces gives a traditional look to it. This spacious market was constructed in 1845 for the blue-collar segment of society. In fact, this market was named after the convent of Santa Caterina. This was the main source of food supply during post-civil wartime.

You will find all types of products such as flowers, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, pork-butchery. A few stalls are particularly dedicated to Jabugo ham. The Jabugo is available in a unique style, offers ham and many other items made of Iberian pig. In addition, there is a small “Caprado” market.

Our design hotel in Barcelona centre is located in their proximity, suitable for taking a rest. Your stay at this hotel would facilitate you to see a few more attractions like Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Mercado de La Boqueria, and the Cathedral of Barcelona.

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Moreover, you can also find many famous restaurants providing great cheeses, olives, and colorful vegetables. Besides, there is a marvelous Jaman.

As you resume your visit to Mercal de Santa Caterina, you better go to its colorful ceramic roof, an astonishing wooden structure reminding the trencadis decoration.

This Modern tradition has been constructed from tiles using a mosaic. You would find it in curvy shape in a series of rollers looks plunging into a period of Escoles de Gaudi at a Sagrada Familia.

Thenceforth you better begin with a visit of the market’s southern part. You would see the excavated ruins in respect of the place for the monks that existed there a couple of centuries ago.

If you want to enjoy the Spanish food, you must visit Cuines Santa Caterina, situated quite near to the market. It is the best restaurant that provides the local Mediterranean to the European, Asian Vegetarians to meat lovers.

You would find food with crispy, fresh ingredients. Having had food at the Cuines Santa Caterina, you would definitely like to visit it again because its amazing atmosphere and location are quite wonderful and with open kitchen idea. While returning to the boutique hotel in Parallel for a night’s stay, you better visit two nice places of Picasso museum and the Cathedral located on its ways.

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