Diada da Sant Jordi en Barcelona

Indeed, it is Diada de Sant Jordi where you can get amused. If you are going to Barcelona, this festival of Sant Jordi is a must-visit place for those who believe in love and are fond of books and roses. Your trip should start out from this unique festival, the most original celebrations in Barcelona.

In fact, this is the earliest carnival in Catalonia. Catalonia is known for its lively beaches like Costa Brava and the Pyrenees Mountains. Furthermore, you can also see la Rambla pedestrian mall, a historic Gothic Quarter, museums, and many beautiful beaches. Having got at there, you better stay at our boutique hotel in Barcelona center quite nearer to these attractions.

The Diada de Sant Jordi is always awash with numerous things, especially celebrations of Valentine’s Day and World Book day. Undoubtedly, couples realizing their relationships and significance thereof exchange precious gifts on this day. The women get roses, and the men receive different books.

The exchange of gifts of roses and book have become a tradition during this festival. If you are passionate about colors and books, these historic festivals will make you cheerful and contented. As a matter of fact, these original celebrations combine romanticism and culture.

On this day, the stalls of flowers and books are set up in every street of Barcelona. You would be feeling wonderful seeing people flocking into this Diada de Sant Jordi, a great festival. Every place is filled with people walking around bookstalls and roses counters.

The majority of them look for a nice present for their loved ones, especially friends and family. During this visit, you should take a rest at our boutique hotel near Plaza España, which is conducive to upscale facilities. Thenceforth, you can proceed to your trip getting reinvigorate.

There are different kinds of books and their publishers available there. A few of them, particularly the well-known artists, perform singing about the latest publications. Moreover, you would find the fragrance of beautiful roses.

Having a day out, you would need a break, and our boutique hotel in central Barcelona is an excellent choice to stay in owing to its comfortable rooms and food. Taking rest, you would also feel fresh and relaxed. The historic festival of Sant Jordi can be visited everywhere in the city of Barcelona.

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There is a host of streets like Paseo de Sant Joan, Rambla de Cataluna, and La Rambla are conspicuous places to visit. They are replete with stalls of roses and booths of books. You would also find a few literary activities like recitals and workshops.

The fascinating features of this renowned festival are its traditional dances, “Sardana,” and the most popular “castells,” human towers. These activities are carried out throughout the festival in every street of Barcelona, especially the Plaza Sant Jaume.

I am sure you would be feeling joyful because this day provides an opportunity to see the prominent buildings such as the Palau Guell, the Town Hall, the art nouveau, the Ateneo, and de la Generalitat. These are the buildings where you can find special activities, particularly free tours. In this regard, the most significant tour is the Casa Batllo.

You can experience the architecture of Gaudi, known legend of Sant Jordi, and ascribe for the dragon concerning the festival. Furthermore, your tour of this historic festival will enhance your experience with traditions of different eras.

If you are curious about history and traditions, you would be gaining a piece of significant information. The Sant Jordi is said to be the patron of Saint Catalonia for the last five centuries.

Moreover, it also hails from the famed Saint George the Knight killed the dragon. In fact, the dragon was a sign of terror for everyone in the town, especially the princess. Having killed the dragon, Saint George gifted the princess a gorgeous red rose.

Experiencing such a beautiful and historic festival of Diada de Sant Jordi, you would feel contented and exalted. This is going to be your unforgettable tour to Barcelona. You can rest assured that you would get a lot of information about culture, tradition, and history.

Before leaving the city, you better have some rest at our boutique hotel close to Ciutat Vella that is a good place for upscale amenities.

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