Top Attractions in Poble Sec, Barcelona

If you are contemplating the Barcelona tour, El Poble Sec, a compact district with shady squares, should be part of your itinerary owing to its unique appearance and exceptional features.

As a matter of fact, Poble Sec is known for its phenomenal attractions depicting the blend of local traditions and world-class air. Surely, you would be feeling lucky enough to stay at our boutique hotel in Barcelona Centre that would provide you ample opportunities to discover incredible El Poble Sec. There are a variety of amazing attractions and must-see places around the Poble Sec, Barrio. Following are a few of the top attractions in Poble Sec:

Archaeology Museum Of Catalonia:

If you are inquisitive to learn history, especially Catalonia, the Archaeology Museum in this respect is an appropriate place to be around. This beautiful building had five venues where you can find archaeological collections in respect of Catalonia. Moreover, its glaring branch of the Archaeology Museum provides tourists with a thrilling experience with the archaeological remains. It is located in the famous Castell de Montjuic.

Castell De Montjuic:

While returning from the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, you can stopover at our boutique hotel in Montjuic to have some rest. From there you can go to visit Montjuic Castle, an old military fortress. This visit would give you an opportunity to see stunning views of the city because Montjuic Castle is at a vantage point above the port. There is a weapons museum in this historical castle that would also provide you useful information as regards distinct weapons used in past times.

Poble Espanyol:

You would be surprised to witness a small, artificial village called the Poble Espanyol. This historical attraction provides a great deal of Spanish history, particularly its architecture. There you would find a variety of medieval design buildings, shops, and cafes. Undeniably, this is recognized as a popular tourist attraction in Poble Sec, Barcelona.

El Molino:

If you love to watch live performances and are an aesthetician, you better visit the most famous theatre, El Molino. Therefore, it would be a very good idea to enjoy live performances of crazy burlesque shows. You can experience erotism, humor, and artistry as an entertaining mixture during these performances.

While en route to the main city area, you can stay at our boutique hotel on Parallel, a charming and relaxed place with culture and design. Besides, you will have another option to go around the outskirts of the main city. Your tour might be a little longer. For this reason, you have the best central guesthouse in Barcelona, considered as an oasis of calm and soothing.

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