Easter In Barcelona, Spain

Easter is a good time to visit Barcelona because during this period you would find several parties, processions, and food-making festivities. In this connection, our boutique hotel near Ciutat Vella seems to be quite suitable for your stay.

On the eve of Easter, a lot of holidays and occasions are celebrated with pomp and show. If you want to have a trip awash with measureless amusements and recreations, then you must get to Barcelona at least one week prior to Easter.

As soon as you arrive in Barcelona during Semana Santa, the holy week, you would find a lot of activities in the city. Indeed, it is a well-timed occasion to be there to experience a bundle of celebrations in the pleasant climate of spring.

As a matter of fact, Easter is celebrated in all nooks and corners of Spain owing to its Catholic heritage. Nevertheless, Barcelona remains calm as compared to Andalusia processions. It is advisable to note down all significant celebration days of Easter in the itinerary to pursue a set schedule during the excursion.

Palm Sunday, an important day of Easter, is celebrated strongly in the commemorations of Jesus’s return to Jerusalem. You would see little kids with palm leaves hoping to be blessed with holy water.

Furthermore, you would be experiencing two more celebrations occurring on Good Friday. If you want to see these processions closely, you will have to visit Las Ramblas and the Gothic quarter.

Semana Santa en Barcelona - Hotel Blog Vaganto

Having spent the busy Palm Sunday, you should check in our boutique hotel on Parallel. Your stay there would provide you an opportunity to see the “Mona de Pascua” and other beautiful traditions. According to one Christian tradition that prohibits meat foods on Good Friday. Thus, people taking part in the Easter celebrations in Barcelona take cod instead. It has become a traditional dish during these occasions.

Furthermore, you will come across special sweets and desserts known as La Mona de Pascua. In fact, it is a cake furnished with cooked eggs, hand-made chicks, and ornaments.

By observing these things closely, you will not only enjoy but also learn a lot of religious traditions in the light of historical events. You can also enjoy visiting some specific locales where you will find a few wonderful works of art.

Realizing the significance of Easter occasions, a large number of tourists flock to Barcelona, causing too much crowding in hotels and restaurants. However, you can find our Hotel Casa Vaganto in Barcelona that would provide you with an opportunity to access a number of festivals in its surroundings.

If you want to explore further outdoor processions, you will have to go to the vicinity of the city. For this reason, you can tour La Sagrada Familia, the most famous Basilica in Barcelona. It is a large incomplete Roman Catholic minor basilica and a UNESCO World Heritage site. While touring La Sagrada Familia and its outskirts, you can take a rest at our design hotel near Plaza España.

Besides, you should also include in your itinerary the visits of a few towns in the vicinity where you will find some unique and eye-catching celebrations. There, you would witness distinct events such as the Verges Procession and the Dance of the Dead.

The other traditional procession called Passion of Christ will mesmerize you immensely. There is no denying the fact your trip to Barcelona during Easter will result in unforgettable memories.

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