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Our hotel close to Ciutat Vella is the perfect place to have a chance to explore Plaça Catalunya. This famous plaza is in the heart of the city and is located close to some of Barcelona’s top attractions. It is one of the largest squares in Barcelona and sees thousands of visitors and locals alike on a daily basis. The main idea for this square was to combine the historic Gothic Quarter and the more modern Eixample district.

Chances are before you reach our design hotel near Parallel, you will find yourself passing through this square. Plaça Catalunya is also the intersection between Las Ramblas, Portal de l’Àngel, Ronda de Sant Pere and Passeig de Gracia. The square sees four metro lines and various bus lines day and night. This means you will be passing through the square quite often. Do not miss an opportunity to just stop and take in your surroundings or book a walking tour.

The plaza was opened in 1927 by King Alfonso XIII and was simply an open piece of land located in front of the gates to the walled city. After the medieval walls of the city came down in the 19th century, Plaça Catalunya we know today was born. Today, Plaça Catalunya is an area of 5 hectares that is filled with large shopping centres, department stores, fountains, trees, benches, and several monumental sculptures.

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You will find 6 sculptural grounds around the perimeter of the square, all representing different things. Four of those groups consist of sculptures representing the four Catalan cities while the other two represent wisdom and labour. Plaça de Catalunya saw luxurious hotels, bars and theatres built around the plaza for the 1929 International Exhibition. Sadly none of these survived but they continue to live on with their names being used in modern-day restaurants and hotels names.

There is a particularly beautiful fountain on the northern side with some benches closeby to take a brief rest. Also found there are a few food stalls where you buy refreshments or some of Barcelona’s famous sweets. Due to the food stalls, many pigeons are found in this area as well.

On the eastern side is the Corte Inglés department store which is one of Spain’s largest department chains. On the top floor of the department store, is a cafe that offers a breathtaking view over the square. Opposite the store is the Tourist Office of Barcelona for any information that you may need.

Our boutique hotel on Parallel is close to Plaça Catalunya so there is no way you’re going to miss the chance to explore this famous square. 

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