La Barceloneta: the Magical Neighborhood overlooking the Sea

The mythical neighborhood of Barceloneta gives its name to the urban beach of the city. This former fishing district is today a bustling area where people and activities are never lacking. During your stay at our boutique hotel on Parallel, visiting this neighborhood is essential to discover one of its hallmarks par excellence. Next, we will talk about La Barceloneta and what you can do in this place this summer.

History of La Barceloneta

The neighborhood of La Barceloneta is shaped like a triangle and is the most maritime in the Catalan capital. In its origins it was a humble neighborhood, of fishermen and single-family houses. The workers of the sea, in fact, began to settle in this area in the mid-18th century due to its proximity to the coast.

Decades later, factories were also built in this area, although there is no trace of them. Today, La Barceloneta still retains a certain marine essence that is materialized in its narrow streets and facades somewhat discolored due to the salinity of the sea. However, it has become a neighborhood full of life that is home to some interesting museums, restaurants where you can try delicious seafood specialties and a busy shopping center.

Barrio de la Barceloneta - Barcelona

What to do in La Barceloneta this summer

La Barceloneta is an area that you have to visit if you are passing through Barcelona. Here are some of the things you can do in this place:

  • Go to the beach. In Barceloneta the beach of the same name is located. Always dynamic, you will not find it empty even in winter. Sit in a restaurant, sunbathe or ride a bike on the promenade, the possibilities are numerous!
  • Visit the Museum of Catalonia. The Museum of Catalonia is one of the most interesting corners of this neighborhood. In it you can delve into the history of Barcelona from prehistory to the end of the last century.
  • Buy at the Maremagnum shopping center. Although it is not exactly in La Barceloneta, but in Port Vell, its proximity to this neighborhood has made us include it on the list. This is one of the most popular shopping centers in Barcelona, an ideal space to take advantage of the Sales season.
  • Ride the cable car. Observe the city from the heights. Take the cable car at Torre de San Sebastián up to Montjuic hill. The total route is just over 1 km.
  • Eat fish. If there is something in La Barceloneta, it is restaurants. If you are looking for fresh fish, there is no better place.

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