Palau Güell: Facts to Know Before you Go

Palau Güell is an architectural gem designed by Gaudi, located in the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona. It was Gaudi’s first important commission, ordered by Eusebio Güell. Considered as a pioneer example of Art Nouveau style, Palau Güell is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ultimate reason why you cannot miss this visit? When you stay at Hotel Casa Vaganto, you’ll be just a short walk away from Palau Güell.

Palau Güell is a vital destination for getting a deeper understanding of Gaudí’s legacy. Below, we’ll share 6 facts that will make you want to visit the palace as soon as you can. Take note!

  1. Constructed between the years 1886 and 1890, Palau Güell was commissioned from the architect Antoni Gaudí by the politician and industrialist Eusebio Güell as his family home. He lived there until he transferred his residence to Park Güell, which was meant to be a real estate project, initially. It is an excellent example of domestic architecture, perfectly combining the functional with the modernist aesthetic.
  2. Gaudí’s work stands out for his focus on space and light. Just one look at how the interior is laid out and you will see how ingenious it is. The interior spaces circle the central salon, which is crowned by an impressive cupula.
Palau Güell - Hotel Casa Vaganto
  1. The undisputed star of the central salon is the organ. The space has magnificent acoustics as well. You can experience that yourself during one of the musical performances that occur every 30 minutes.
  2. The rooftop terrace is one of the essential parts of Palau Güell. The picturesque chimneys are what the house is known for, although there are also several skylights and the peak of the cupula.
  3. In the basement, the stables are also not be missed. This is the part of Palau Güell where horses were kept. The vaulted ceiling and brick columns with capitals are some of the highlights.
  4. General admission is 12 €. However, on special open house days entrance is free. These occur the first Sunday of every month, April 23 (Sant Jordi), June 10th (Museum Night), September 11th (National Catalonia Day), September 24th (La Mercè) and December 15th (Eusebio Güell’s birthday).

Palau Güell is an architectural jewel in the centre of Barcelona, this grey palace will surprise you, by its unique design and functionality. Do not miss this visit during your stay at our boutique hotel in Barcelona city centre.

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