How they Celebrate the Festival of San Juan in Barcelona

The countdown has started for the festival of San Juan, one of the most-anticipated celebrations of the year in Barcelona, which marks the beginning of the summer.  The festivities take place on the eve of San Juan’s day (June 24th), which means that it’s best not to make plans for the 23rd. This is a festival full of tradition, in which bonfires, the beach, and sweets all play starring roles. We encourage you to come stay at our central boutique hotel in Barcelona to experience this event a little differently, but of course unforgettably.

Neighborhood celebrations

The festival of San Juan is celebrated on the night of June 23rd, although before that there are various activities that are not to be missed either. It all gets started at Sant Jaume plaza with the call of the Canigó, which will be received by the municipal authorities under the attentive watch of the attendees and with the song Muntanyes del Canigó as a backdrop. This is the moment when representatives from the various neighborhoods go to the fire to light their respective bonfires, one of the major symbols of these festivities.

After the lighting of the bonfires, it’s time for the dances, celebrations, and fun in the various neighborhoods. In fact, it’s common to organize public dinners and celebrations that last well into the night and early morning.

San Juan 2020 en Barcelona

Celebrations on the beach

Without a doubt, the biggest celebration is on the beach, where they build several bonfires. When night falls, many people challenge themselves to jump over the flames.  This is one of the most popular rituals. The goal is to rid yourself of the bad and welcome in the good that is to come. Usually people jump over an odd number of times.

On a similar theme, on San Juan night people often burn old things in the bonfire as a symbolic way of leaving behind everything that holds us back. All this is done to the rhythm of the music and various concerts that liven up the night. Fireworks are also part of the night, to put the finishing touches on a magical festival.

San Juan Sweets

Finally, don’t forget to taste one of the specialties par excellence. I’m referring to the cocas de San Juan in their multiple varieties: candied, with cream or chocolate, with pine nuts, pork rinds, etc. This round, appetizing sweet is the star of bakeries’ display windows during this time of the year.

¡Feliz día de San Juan del equipo de Casa Vaganto!

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