Fiestas de Santa Eulalia: Barcelona’s most important Winter celebration

The Fiestas de Santa Eulalia, considered Barcelona’s biggest winter festival, will take place from February 8th -12th. Despite the Winter cold, things will heat up with all the activities and events planned for the celebration. If you like public festivals, don’t miss out on this event, which will pack the streets of the Barrio Gótico with color and tradition. Looking for a place to stay? We encourage you to stay with us at our design hotel in Barcelona city centre, where you will feel right at home.

A festival celebrating popular traditions

The Fiestas de Santa Eulalia are clearly a highlight for the people of Barcelona, but they are also a great option for visitors. There’s no better introduction to the Catalan culture than this type of festival.

Throughout this long weekend in February, the streets of the city will play host to some of Barcelona’s best-known traditions. These include the correfocs, with their amazing fire show, although there will also be giants, dragons, and devils. The Fiestas de Santa Eulalia are a fabulous occasion to enjoy the Sardana dances and iconic castellers.

To understand the symbolism of the celebration a little more, it’s helpful to learn a little about who Santa Eulalia was. According to legend, she was a 13-year-old girl who was persecuted for her Christian beliefs under the Roman Empire. For this “crime” she was condemned to a total of 13 tortures, the last of which was to be crucified with a palm in her hand, which is how you will commonly see her depicted. Her mortal remains are located in the Catedral de Barcelona, so don’t leave out visiting this important temple!

Fiestas de Santa Eulalia - Barcelona

La plaça Sant Jaume, epicenter of the celebration

The Fiestas de Santa Eulalia happen in different areas in the Ciutat Vella district. However, the plaça Sant Jaume becomes the epicenter of the festival. This is where the proclamation is read out to begin the celebration, and it also where you can see the castrellera exhibition, the Sardana dances, and many other events.

The plaça Sant Jaume is just 15 minutes away from our boutique hotel close to Ciutat Vella, so if you stay with us you’ll find yourself in the perfect location.

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