New Year’s Eve in Barcelona: ideas to ring in 2020!

Although the holidays are still a few weeks away, it’s not a bad time to start thinking about where you will spend them. Barcelona is always an excellent choice! The capital city is an appealing option for New Year’s Eve due to its vibrant atmosphere, food scene, Christmas traditions, and leisure options. We encourage you to stay at boutique hotel on Parallel, a hotel located in a prime section of Barcelona where you’ll have everything you need close by.

It’s no secret the New Year’s Eve is one of the most-anticipated days of the year. Celebrating it in a location as vibrant as Barcelona just makes it even better. Below, we’ll give you a few ideas for how to kick off 2020 in style in Barcelona.

1. Spend the last day of the year getting some exercise

To make up for some of the excesses of the Christmas season and get yourself ready for New Year’s Eve why not spend the last day of the year doing something athletic? We suggest the Cursa dels Nassos, a popular 10k race that takes place every December 31st. The fun starts at 17:30 at the Plaça Ramon Calsina.

Cursa dels Nassos - Nochevieja en Barcelona
Image courtesy of Cursa dels Nassos

2. Ring in the new year at the Fuente de Montjuïc

Last New Year’s Eve more than 90,000 people decided to spend New Year’s Eve at the Fuente de Montjuïc, surrounded by lights and music. It’s one of the most spectacular places to get 2020 off to a good start, as a fun atmosphere is guaranteed. La Avenida María Cristina starts to show off its festive side at 21:30, and by 23:30 it is usually completely packed. Make sure you have your 12 grapes ready to eat with each chime of midnight, or according to Spanish tradition you will not have good luck in the coming year!

Nochevieja 2019 en Barcelona
Image Courtesy of Fiesta Poble Espanyol

3. Dance ‘til dawn at one of the best clubs in Barcelona

New Year’s Eve is all about staying out late, so we recommend picking a party ahead of time that will have what you’re looking for. There are plenty of clubs in Barcelona that put on special events for the last night of the year. One of the most interesting options is at Poble Espanyol. Music for all tastes and the most fun atmosphere mean that your New Year’s 2019 will be unforgettable.

We’ll be expecting you at our luxury guesthouse in Montjuic this holiday season!

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