Catalan Museum of Archeology: An Indispensable part of your Visit to Barcelona

The Catalan Museum of Archeology (MAC according to its Spanish acronym) may not be the most visited museum in Barcelona. However, it is an indispensable place to visit to learn about how Catalan civilization has developed from the very beginning. It houses the most important archaeological collection in the region. And that’s not to mention the proximity to our boutique hotel in Montjuic. It’s a visit you shouldn’t neglect if you find yourself in Barcelona for a few days. Do you need to hear more?

The Origins of the Catalan Museum of Archeology

To learn about the origins of the Catalan Museum of Archeology, we must go back to 1915, the year it was founded. At that point it was established in an old armory in the Citadel, a building that currently houses the Catalan Parliament. A few years later, it was moved to the new location where you can find it today: The Palace of Graphic Arts.

The MAC is located in the shadow of Mt. Montjuïc, close to other important museums such as the Catalan National Museum of Art, The Joan Miró Foundation, and the Museum of Ethnology and World Cultures.

Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya en Barcelona
Imagen Cortesía de MAC

The Collection at the Catalan Museum of Archeology and Other Interesting Information

The museum has an area of more than 3,000 m² which narrates the history of Catalonia from Prehistory to the Middle Ages through a selection of pieces and archeological finds. The exhibit is arranged around various themes, including Prehistory, Phoenicians, and Greeks in the Mediterranean, Iberians, and Roman inheritance. The museum reviews Catalonia’s roots, but not in isolation, rather by linking them to the context of the Mediterranean and Europe.

Another stand-out section is dedicated to the Archaeology of exile, a very interesting exhibit that revolves around what happened to the museum during the Spanish Civil War. Beyond the permanent exhibits, the MAC hosts various other temporary exhibits which will enrich your visit.

Among the thousands of pieces the museum has, you can find objects as famous as the statue of the god Aesculapius, the Treasure of Tivissa, the Mosaic of the Three Graces, and the Goddess of Paradise Street.

When you stay at our small boutique hotel in Montjuic, you’ll have the Catalan Museum of Archaeology just steps away. We’ll be expecting you!

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