La Castanyada, or How to Celebrate Halloween a Little Bit Differently

Although Halloween is the most visible face of the night of October 31st, in Catalonia they still continue their own traditions for this special night. We’re talking about La Castanyada, an event where Catalan traditions take pride of place. Would you like to experience All Saint’s Day a little differently? Then set aside October 31st for a visit to Barcelona and get to know a festival that is a truly immersive experience. At our boutique hotel on Parallel, we will give you the welcome you deserve.

Castanyada: chestnuts, panellets, and sweet potatoes

La Castanyada was traditionally celebrated on November 1st, although it has since been extended to the night before as well. It is a festival celebrating the arrival of autumn in which food plays an important role.

As the name indicates, the main event is focused on chestnuts. Tradition says there is no better time of year to roast chestnuts until they ready to sink your teeth into. La Castanyada comes from a very old tradition in which families would come together to sit vigil for the dead while roasting chestnuts.

But chestnuts aren’t the only food that stars in All Saints’ Day. We can’t forget about the delicious panellets, little sweetbreads similar to marzipan which, long ago, were given as offerings to the dead. In the evening at La Castanyada you can find these sweets at practically every bakery in Barcelona. Don’t miss the chance to try them! In the modern era panellets have been reinvented and are now available in a variety of flavors, although the ones covered in pine nuts are the most typical.

Castanyada in Barcelona 2019

There’s a third guest at La Castanyada: sweet potatoes. These flavorful tubers are also present at the table on All Saints’ Day.

And to help guide all these delicacies, you’ll need the star beverage of the event. November 1st kicks off the consumption of sweet wine, which combines perfectly with the foods mentioned above.

Many families also make a visit to the cemetery, an obligatory visit on the first day of November.

From Casa Vaganto, we encourage you to experience All Saints’ Day with a different flavor: the flavor of La Castanyada.

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