Roberta’s Favourite Places in Barcelona

This month, our collaborator at our guesthouse on Parallel, Roberta is sharing her favorite places in the city.

Barcelona is the perfect getaway in Europe: it is an amazing city full of people and events. There are different attractions and there is always something for everyone!

You can choose this city if you need two-day break from your work, if you want to go with your friend to have parties, if you’re travelling on your own or if you are on a business trip. It is the perfect place where you can lose yourself walking through the Old Quarters, while admiring the beautiful architecture.

I fell in love with Barna – as local people use to call Barcelona- and I am sure that you will too!

Here some suggestions about this city.


The food of course is amazing in Barcelona and there are many great restaurants in this city, but I highly recommend these places:

  • Cafe Carabella: It is a great Mexican food bar with terrace and “mucho sol”. The staff is super friendly, and drinks are stunning! I love this place.
  • Can Recasens: One of my favourite places when I want to have a glass of wine and a cheese plate
  • El Glop: Catalan-Spanish restaurant where you can have a superb seafood paella. An extremely good quality-quantity-price ratio! It is definitely one of mine brand signatures.
  • Carrer Blai: this is not a restaurant but it’s literally a street where you will find tapa bar after tapa bar. It’s always full of local people that go there to have an aperitif with a vermouth and eat a lot of pinchos (or pintxos) at a really cheap price!
Roberta's Tourist Guide to Barcelona

Best spot to take pictures of Barcelona

Miramar de Montjuic: The Miramar of Montjuic offer great views over the city and the harbor. Is the perfect place to enjoy the view of the nature and the sea.

Montserrat: Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain range located at 30 minutes from Barcelona. Apart from the pictures this unique Spanish destination appeals to hikers, spiritual pilgrims and lovers of history.

Park Güell/ el Tibidabo: This are the highest peaks in the city and offers stunning 360º views. Are the perfect place to take amazing panoramic pictures of Barcelona.

Roberta's Tourist Guide to Barcelona

Live Music

Barcelona during the summer is full of event especially the one which involves music. There are so many live music venues in this city that you’re bound to find something to listen to each and every night in every quarter. But as I love jazz music, I will suggest this bars/clubs:

  • Jazzsi: Is the local Jazz bar with Flamenco on the weekend (Friday and Saturday). Small place but powerful!!
  • Harlem Jazz: Is located in the heart of the old town and is the famous jazz club in Barcelona but they also play funk and soul music. It is a must!
  • Jamboree: Old school jazz music club but on Mondays takes place a jam session called WTF! Where all the jazz musicians mix with artists from different genres such as hip-hop, funk and electronic music.

So, this is it. I hope you will come to visit Barcelona and enjoy this amazing city! Don’t hesitate to come to me during your stay at our boutique hotel in Poble Sec for more tips.

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