Fiestas de La Mercè 2019: Main Highlights of Barcelona’s Celebration

Few events generate universal excitement like the Fiestas de La Mercè. And with good reason, because it is arguably the greatest festival in Barcelona. The festival takes place every year starting September 24th, the feast of Our Lady of Mercy. It is only 4 days long, but the intensity of those days is unmatched. A calendar packed with over 500 events is the best proof that the Fiestas de La Mercè is not just another festival. At our design hotel in central Barcelona we offer comfortable, convenient lodging situated in the theater district so you can enjoy the festival in maximum comfort.

La Mercè in Barcelona 2019
Imagen cortesía de Barcelona Cultura

The tradition of the Fiestas de La Mercè de Barcelona

Before we get into details, we should talk a little more about the origins of the festival. It was first organized in 1902 in honor of Our Lady of Mercy, and in order to highlight some popular Catalan traditions. As a result, the Fiestas de La Mercè is packed with unique cultural expressions like Gigantes y Cabezudos, (enormous puppets with oversized heads), sardanas, correfocs, the bestiary, fireworks, and the stick dance.

All these events, combined with plenty of concerts, cultural activities, theater, markets, and open houses, ensure that from September 20th to 24th 2019, there will not be a single dull moment.

La Mercè in Barcelona 2019
Imagen cortesía de BAM Festival

Where to experience the Fiestas de La Mercè 2019

The Fiestas de La Mercè is a Barcelona festival, so it’s no surprise that the activities take place throughout the city. It’s a good idea to know where the main venues are where there will always be something interesting to do or see.

El Parque de la Ciudadela will once again be a key location for this year’s celebrations. It plays host to performances and shows from various artists. The Castell de Montjuïc, the Fórum de Barcelona, the Avenida Reina María Cristina, and the Gothic quarter are other places worth exploring.

It’s worth mentioning that in 2019 Beirut will be the guest city. This means that the festival will include various activities related to the culture and traditions of the Lebanese capital. There’s a place for everyone in Barcelona! Come visit our city. We’ll be expecting you at our boutique hotel in Parallel.

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