The ultimate guide to go for Tapas and Vermut in Poble Sec

The fondness to go for tapas and accompany them with a vermouth has settled permanently in many neighbourhoods of Barcelona. One of them is Poble Sec, so you do not have to go far from our design boutique hotel on Parallel to be able to join this tradition. In this increasingly dynamic district, it is wise to dedicate the hours before lunch to go from bar to bar to enjoy one of the small pleasures of life. If you are visiting Barcelona and you are planning to stay at our hotel, you cannot miss the vermouth time in Poble Sec!

Between Plaza de España and the pier, south of Avenida Parallel, Poble Sec is located, one of the fashionable neighbourhoods of a time to this part. Its bars and places are filled every weekend with people willing to savor juicy tapas and the best vermouth a little before lunch time. Take note of some of the best bars to enjoy the combination tapas + vermouth in an exceptional atmosphere.

Vermut en Poble Sec

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Quimet i Quimet (Poeta Cabanyes, 25)

Quimet i Quimet is one of the quintessential premises of Poble Sec. Always up to the limit, to test the considered, for many, better tap vermouth is necessary to cultivate patience well. However, the wait will undoubtedly be rewarded. This centenary winery founded in 1914, also offers an assortment of tapas that would take away anyone’s hunger.

La Koska Taverna (Blai 8)

Elegance made tapa is what you will find in La Koska Taberna, a bar run by an Argentine and a Basque. From this merger, an unparalleled proposal arises in the middle of Poble Sec, which has become an essential part of vermouth.

Bar Seco (Pg. de Montjuïc, 74)

Bar Seco combines traditional vermouth with a culinary proposal that is not only delicious, but also healthy. The interior of the place is simple, not your dishes. Organic food is the basis of your menu, which is why this bar has become one of the most desired. Its potato top is simply amazing.

Gran Bodega Saltó (Blesa, 36)

This winery not only offers hand-made vermouth of tap, but it also offers the opportunity to take it in an authentic atmosphere. Tapas to accompany, good prices and live music are other attractions.

Vermut y tapas en Poble Sec

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Vermouth time is synonymous with Poble Sec! In the vicinity of our boutique hotel close to Calle Blai, one of the most interesting neighbourhoods of Barcelona awaits you.

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