Barcelona cultural: discover Parallel or the avenue of theatres


The Avenida Parallel is to Barcelona what Broadway is to New York. This mythical avenue of the city of Barcelona is a frenzy of art and culture, a huge artery where the most emblematic theatres are located. It is an avenue full of charm, whether you just want to walk through it, or if you want to attend a good show. Our boutique hotel on Parallel is conveniently located one step away from the most mythical theatres of Barcelona, so you have no excuse not to be impregnated by the bustling and vibrant atmosphere that surrounds them at sundown.

Parallel: the avenue that is pure spectacle

Parallel, the street that starts in Plaza de Espanya and ends at the pier, is one of the essentials in Barcelona. Its name was not put by chance, then, not in vain, its layout coincides with a terrestrial parallel, specifically 41º22’34 “. Since its official inauguration in the late nineteenth century until today, the avenue has always been linked to the world of entertainment. An endless number of cabarets, theatres and variety halls were in charge of filling this place with life during its first years.

Even though the spirit is still alive, the reality is that Parallel Avenue is not a shadow of what it was. Of course, there are still some of the theaters of that golden age, such as the Condal Theater, the Victoria Theater and the Apolo Theater. These historic buildings share space with other more modern rooms and bars.

Teatre Victoria, close to Casa Vaganto

The most emblematic theatres of Parallel

If you walk along Parallel Avenue, do not miss any of the most representative theatres, as is the case of the ones that we will comment on below:

  • Condal Theatre
    This historic Barcelona theatre opened its doors in 1903. Currently, it is mainly focused on comedy theatre. ‘La Cage de las Locas’ or ‘Killing the President’ are some of the many works he has hosted.
  • Victoria Theatre
    Located literally one step away from our Hotel Vaganto, the Victoria Theatre is another veteran. Founded in 1905, it has traditionally been a variety show hall. For his stage artists like Sara Montiel and Concha Velasco have performed, although he has also hosted musicals such as ‘Grease’.
  • Apolo Theatre
    The Teatro Apolo has been active since 1904 and has always been a benchmark in the world of entertainment. In him the most successful musicals have been represented, but also zarzuelas and operas.
  • El Molino
    El Molino is another treasure of Parallel, a place that was inspired by the famous Parisian Moulin Rouge. Opened in 1898, it became the most famous cabaret in Barcelona.

El Molino, a theatre you can see from Casa Vaganto
In addition to these historic theatres, Parallel hosts many others such as the well-known Sala Barts or the Arnau Theatre, currently undergoing rehabilitation. The cultural epicentre of Barcelona just a few minutes away from our boutique hotel in Poble Sec!

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